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foundation Framer Tutorials

Hi from Sunny Bali welcome to the 


It's Not Just About The How To's It's Also About The Thinking, The Why's & What If's

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A GOOD design starts with  
G and ends with
A GREAT Design starts with 
G and ends with ....>>>>>


First Steps For Building A great Web-site

  • Recognise The Need

    Sounds Obvious Doesn't It ?  
    Ask Your clint or yourself "WHY" do (I) they need a website, what are they hoping to achieve & what expectations do (you) they have by having a site,  you would be surprised how many don't really have a clear idea. This first step is crucial to your whole thing about doing that project, so no matter how long it takes, make sure that (you) they fully understand the "WHY's" & the requirements for (your)their "EXPECTATIONS" to be achieved. Talking to (yourself) or your clients before starting the design is essential in order to define both what they want & for you to start planning how & what you will be able to provide. You need to be aware what their concerns and goals are beyond & before any written (or verbal) instrucions,  contract, whatever you want to call it.. is drawn up.

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  • Get Your Thoughts & Ideas Down On Paper (A Note Book Works Best For Me)

    This one also seems obvious but I have seen & experienced so many times designers/developers jump straight into it without giving any thought to the problem, and the future possibilities they start designing/building on the "FLY". you know sometimes this can work, but more often than not creates more problems than enough, and usually needs an enourmose amount of work further down the line. Why on Paper ? I here some of you asking, well my reasons are that one never knows what's going to happen with all this electronic stuff, and even with the cloud thingy, who knows, at least with a note-book for each site with everything written down I have a quick & handy way to reference anything should I lose all my data. (except of course if the house burns down)!!

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  • Sketch out your Framework (starting large if you prefer,,, same note book)

    Whenever I am asked to come up with a design for someone or myself, the first thing I do once there is an idea of the style, type, look & feel the site will have, is to sketch out a full screen desktop framework for the homepage that covers all the design issues, first just on some plain paper, once I am happy with it, I start to sketch out that design again but for mobile devices (bearing in mind that most of the content will be stacked at these levels). There maybe a few more designs thrown onto paper at this stage, once one sticks & begins to look like it could work, these pages are stapled into the project notebook. From there it becomes quite easy to see any design changes that will need to happen between these two points. If you approach your design from this viewpoint, you will have a clearer understanding of what your layout needs will be when designing sections beyond the homepage.

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  • Decide On The Style(fonts)/Colour Scheme etc

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  • Start To Collect & Prepare Images
    Panel 3

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More Steps

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It's Simple Really !!!

The AHHHH Moment 

Have You Got It Yet ? Don't Deny It & It Will Come

Have you noticed that when you do get those Eureka AHHH moments it's usually not when you are actually thinking about the insurmountable problem, it usually comes when you take a break. Just don't follow the example of Archimedes, and run naked down the street shouting UREKA when you finally get it.

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